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The best people aren't always looking for the next step

Very often, the most qualified professionals are not actively looking for a change, this is in part what makes them the great. Do you find that your internal recruitement procedures can often find 'good' people, but often fail to recognise the candiates with truly great potential? Real game-changers have the intelligence, leadership and creativity to effect profound changes to an organisations success and these are the people that we seek-out.

The beauty of using the services of an external service such as ours, is that we have no established bias derived from working within our clients' organisational structure. As a result, we find people that internally may have been disregarded for simple reasons of bias. Working very hard with our primary client contact, we establish not only what the organisation needs to achieve, but also to profile the type of applicant who will succeed in their environment. We can ask difficult questions that perhaps would have been skipped-over internally, and this is very important because not only do our clients want to find the best talent, they also need them to stay!

We will often ask to speak to current thought-leaders within our clients' organisations, to establish exactly what it is that makes them successful within their roles. This process gives us real insight into they character traits that we need to be looking for.

It's impossible to profile a game-changer!

The reason why so many organisations fail to attract real game-changers is that their internal selection and profiling systems are not programmed to filter search results against a series of dynamic and ever-changing differentiation factors. These people do not fit the mould, these are people who are unafraid to push boundaries, try different approaches, dissect the system and look for better ways to improve it and these people cannot be profiled by aan algorithm. They need to be found, shortlisted and assessed by a person - ideally a person with the same attitude as them.

Why choose us?

When working with Hinde-Smith Human Capital, you will be dealing with senior search agents. We espouse algorithms in favour of old-fashioned graft and hard work. Our approach mixes traditional and conventional techniques and the process is always run by a primary contact who has an absolute understanding of who you are looking for.


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If you are consiged to a role that isn't taking your career in the right direction, by all means let us know.

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