So you may not have lied on your resume, but you know that you certainly aren’t top of the pile when you get asked for an interview. Perhaps you feel like the wild card candidate. Maybe you are.

Here are four things that will help you turn that underdog interview into an offer.

1 Own it 

They have asked you for an interview, so they must think you could be the right fit. This is the time to really show off your skill set. Know every skill that you possess that matches what they want, and find a positive spin for your other proficiencies and ambitions. Use their lack of understanding of you as a positive – you’re a blank canvas with so much to sell.

2 Take a risk

If you think you might not be quite what they want, you need to do something to make yourself stand out. Go wild! You don’t need to turn up in a crazy costume but perhaps prepare some kind of demonstration related to the job, or bring along a prop to help your explain a point. I once turned an interview for a sales job into a mini training session, as that was a key element of the role that I knew I had nailed. Do something whacky to make them glad that they asked to meet you. Taking risks is one of the key traits of successful people.\

3 State your weakness

If you get asked about your weakness(es), state the obvious! If there are holes in your experience, for goodness sake don’t draw their attention to something they hadn’t already noticed. Talk about an aspect of the job that would be a challenge for you and how excited you would be to tackle it. This shows positive attitude, commitment to learning and honesty.

4 Don’t be afraid to fail

Maybe they don’t want you – maybe you don’t want them! Ask yourself, am I persuading the interviewer that I want this job, or am I persuading myself? If you’re not sure, there are several red flags to watch out for when you’re in an interview that isn’t right for you.

Even the best of us get trembling hands before walking into that interview room. Remember, if you’re not 100% sure you’re what they want then you’ve got nothing to lose. Being the underdog is the perfect time to get creative, find your selling points, and wow your future employer.